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Passion for Learning

When we got together to make this app, we were united by a single passion: to create a nurturing and positive environment for children to learn Chinese. An old Chinese saying goes: “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.”

Learning Chinese on the iPad

In China, children learn the characters through visual cues in preschool. So we thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have the same learning experience while adding interaction? The iPad helped us.

We made Chinese characters come to life at the tap of your fingers. And the children loved it! When they click on words and see them transform into pictures, they remember the concepts better and learn faster.

available on the App Store
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What Experts Say About The App

Nice quality design elements have been used throughout the app. The interface is uncluttered and easy to use even for young users…Learn with Miaomiao: Chinese provides a safe learning environment for children.”Tracy Braatz, BestAppForKids.com
Miaomiao is very vivid. When the pictures move and the children interact with the characters it’s very appealing and cute. This will encourage the children to want to see more.”Sonia Zhao, Chinese Language Teacher

We researched the best visual representations of Chinese characters, created animations and put it all together into a fun, interactive iPad app.


You can download Miaomiao on the App Store for $2.99

available on the App Store
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Writing Component

Our writing component teaches children the stroke order of Chinese characters. For each word, a cute critter guides kids as they trace the characters on the screen. Miaomiao and her pet Doudou are there too, making sure everyone is having fun!


Safe and Positive Environment

To make our app safe we made sure that there are no-in app purchases or links to external content. To make it positive we stayed away from monsters and reinforced the humanistic qualities in the artwork.



As we tested the app on children and parents we realized how beneficial it is to the whole family.

  • You can take it on a road trip and your children will be learning instead of playing video games.

  • No paper wasted! Your children can write the characters as many times as they need to.

  • Your children won’t be forgetting what they learn in Chinese language classes. Miaomiao helps reinforce and remember concepts taught in school.

  • Your children will learn faster. Each character in the Writing Component is surrounded by immersive environments that help kids distinguish similar-looking characters.

  • Miaomiao is also a great learning tool in the classroom. There are so many fun animations, interactions and colours that preschoolers won’t be bored learning with Miaomiao.

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We also got great feedback from parents, app reviewers and education experts.

available on the App Store

“Gently introduces your child to a new language without pressure of trying to hit a ‘high score’ or new level.”Carla Peicheff, Blogger, My ½ Dozen Daily

“This app will attract preschool kids because of the music and colourful animations, they are very kid-friendly and the characters are just the right size. It’s especially good for children who do not have a Chinese environment to help them understand. Even three-year-olds can concentrate on Miaomiao for 15 minutes. This app stimulates their interest in Chinese — that is the most important thing, and they will have some fun too.”Jin Jin, Chinese Preschool Teacher

“Miaomiao is really neat and intriguing. From my experience with kids, they will love it and find it fun. The app is very hands on and visually appealing; the children learn without noticing. Chinese is a very abstract language but this app makes it easy to learn and can bring the characters very close to the children.”Jane Pang, Principal at Clearview School of Arts and Culture

“Chinese characters can be very complex, but this educational app does a wonderful job of introducing and teaching kids (and this adult) how to recognize and pronounce 30 Chinese characters. The app is very kid friendly and the interactive elements encourage young students to practice more. I can’t wait for the writing section to be introduced in a future update.”iHeartThisApp.com

“…I was completely enthralled with it… Learn with Miaomiao: Chinese is a great app for introducing your children to Chinese. The concrete animations and connections to real world objects and the Chinese language will help young learners remember these words.”Sarah Emerling, FunEducationalApps.com

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Will help us grow a nurturing and positive environment for children learning Chinese. You can help us by downloading the app and sharing it with your friends. Let’s make learning Chinese fun together!
Xie Xie, Miaomiao Team, Mark Animation