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Ni Hao! Here you can find lots of ideas and activities for kids that are all about Chinese culture and learning Mandarin.

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family group of five on the floor - two babies and three adults in the middle of a conversation.

Preschool Parenting Tip – Meeting New Friends

Children have different reactions when meeting kids for the first time and a lot of it has to do with setting an example. The way you and your child communicate at home affects how your child interacts with others. Be an active…

a young boy has a big smile on his face as he stands outside wrapped in a bright pink beach towel and wearing sunglasses, with a blue summer sky background.  room for text , copy space.

Hyperactive Children and Playtime

Is your child like the sun, beaming energy as she jumps from one couch to the next, tosses stuffed toys across the bed and dances wildly to a singing reindeer? Playdates with a hyperactive child don’t always include books on…

Cute mixed race boy, in nature

Introverted Children and Playtime

Does your child like to play with toys alone? Is he gentle, quiet, or prefers to watch kids play from the side? It sounds like your beautiful girl or boy has an introverted temperament, just like the one third to…


How Preschoolers See TV

A lot of times small children see something different in a show than adults. Often children look for perspectives to unsolved problems at their social and emotional level. It could be that little Michael misses his mom during the day,…


Engaging Your Child with Bilingual Vocabulary

Children love looking through pictures, which was the inspiration behind our vocabulary section. It is set up like a scrapbook with polaroid photos that your child can look through and tap on to hear the vocabulary word. Why not turn…


Balloon Decorating – Preschool Worksheet

These qì qiú look a little plain… Add colorful designs and faces to make them special and fun for Miaomiao and Doudou’s playdate!     Kids can blow up and pop balloons with Miaomiao and her puppy Doudou in our preschool app, Playdate with…


Rollercoaster Reactions – Preschool Worksheet

Miaomiao, Doudou the dog, Tantan the monkey and Benben the polar bear are all on a playdate at the amusement park. Look! They’re riding on a rollercoaster! This printable worksheet is perfect for practicing emotions and facial expressions with preschoolers. It also doubles…

MM Party Nov 14 - Activity Sheets - 04

The Benefits of Learning Chinese for Children

We’ve done a lot of reading on the subjects of early language learning, and the issues around Chinese language acquisition for young children.  Studies have shown that learning Chinese develops unique cognitive skills and enhances musical ability in children because…