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Pompom Clams – A Color-Matching Game

Practice color matching and fine motor skills with this underwater-themed game that you can make yourself! Materials: A paper plate Colored pompoms Colored paper to match the pompom colors Glue Scissors A black Sharpie To Make the Game: Cut strips…


Chinese New Year Games for Kids

Looking for games the kids can play? Try Chase the Dragon Tail and I Spy, Chinese New Year style! Chase the Dragon Have kids line up in a row putting their hands on the person’s shoulder in front of them.…


Chinese New Year Songs for Kids

Five Dancing Dragons Finger Poem Five dancing dragons, Making such a roar, One danced away, And then there were four. Four dancing dragons, Dancing ’round a tree, One danced away, And then there were three. Three dancing dragons, Dancing ’round…


Make your own Koi Fish Kite

During Chinese New Year children often make and fly kites – releasing kites in the wind is said to bring good luck.  Goldfish are also lucky in chinese culture, so these goldfish kites are extra lucky! SUPPLIES: Empty tube of…


Making Chinese Dumplings with Kids is Easy!

Dumplings are a huge part of a Chinese New Year celebration, with many families enjoying a dumpling feast as midnight approaches.  Doesn’t a late night feed of dumplings sound DELICIOUS?Dumplings in Mandarin are called jiaozi, and we sure do love…