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Pompom Clams – A Color-Matching Game

Practice color matching and fine motor skills with this underwater-themed game that you can make yourself! Materials: A paper plate Colored pompoms Colored paper to match the pompom colors Glue Scissors A black Sharpie To Make the Game: Cut strips…


Chinese New Year Games for Kids

Looking for games the kids can play? Try Chase the Dragon Tail and I Spy, Chinese New Year style! Chase the Dragon Have kids line up in a row putting their hands on the person’s shoulder in front of them.…


Chinese New Year Songs for Kids

Five Dancing Dragons Finger Poem Five dancing dragons, Making such a roar, One danced away, And then there were four. Four dancing dragons, Dancing ’round a tree, One danced away, And then there were three. Three dancing dragons, Dancing ’round…


Make your own Koi Fish Kite

During Chinese New Year children often make and fly kites – releasing kites in the wind is said to bring good luck.  Goldfish are also lucky in chinese culture, so these goldfish kites are extra lucky! SUPPLIES: Empty tube of…


Zodiac Animal Masks – Horse, Sheep, Monkey

Looking for more Zodiac masks?  Find them here! Want more fun ways to learn beginner Mandarin and Chinese culture? Our preschool apps are full of lovable characters, interactive play and delightful surprises. Find us on the App Store for more Miaomiao apps!