This fun underwater-themed game is great for learning about colors. Call out a color  (in English and Mandarin!) and encourage your child to feed the shark with the fish of that color. Older kids can help with cutting out the fist and the shark’s body.


  • Colored construction paper (we used green, red, blue, yellow and orange)
  • Grey card
  • Adhesive googly eyes or eye stickers
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears (for the puffer fish)
  • A pencil
  • A black Sharpie
  • White and pink/red acrylic paint



For the Fish:

  1. Draw fish shapes on the construction paper with a pencil. We drew a different type of fish for each color.
  2. Stick a googly eye on each fish or draw them on with a Sharpie.                                        
  3. Cut out the fish. We used pinking shears to cut out the puffer fish and give it a spiky body.

For the Shark:

  1. On the grey card, draw an upside down “U” shape for the shark’s body and two triangles for the fins with a pencil.
  2. Draw a mouth filled with sharp, triangle-shaped teeth and a tongue.
  3. Cut out the body and fins of the shark and cut out the opening in the shark’s mouth.
  4. Glue the fins to the body.
  5. Paint a section from the shark’s mouth to the edge of his body with white paint.
  6. Paint the shark’s teeth with white paint.
  7. Paint the shark’s tongue with the red or pink paint.
  8. Outline the shark’s teeth, tongue, nostrils and eyes with the black Sharpie

Call out a color in English and or Mandarin and have the kids choose the right color fish to feed the hungry shark!