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Ni Hao! Here you can find lots of ideas and activities for kids that are all about Chinese culture and learning Mandarin.

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Celebrations & Traditions: Red Eggs

Did you know that red eggs symbolize good wishes for a new start in Chinese culture?  Often served to guests as part of a baby’s first birthday and first month celebrations, red eggs can be given at other important birthdays…


Printable Activity Sheet – Fish

Fish 魚 Chinese Learning Activity Sheet     Our preschool apps are full of lovable characters, adorable activities and fun ways to learn beginner Mandarin. Find us on the App Store for more Miaomiao apps!


Fingerprint Plum Blossom Tree

SUPPLIES: Paper (you can also use a canvas board often found in craft section) Pink Paint Brown paint or brown marker Thin paintbrush Paper plate or sheet of tin foil (for dipping fingers in paint) Wipes INSTRUCTIONS: Freehand draw or…


Chinese New Year Games for Kids

Looking for games the kids can play? Try Chase the Dragon Tail and I Spy, Chinese New Year style! Chase the Dragon Have kids line up in a row putting their hands on the person’s shoulder in front of them.…