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Flash cards, worksheets, crafty DIY’s, and activities for your kids through fun bite-sized teachable moments!


Rollercoaster Reactions – Preschool Worksheet

Miaomiao, Doudou the dog, Tantan the monkey and Benben the polar bear are all on a playdate at the amusement park. Look! They’re riding on a rollercoaster! This printable worksheet is perfect for practicing emotions and facial expressions with preschoolers. It also doubles…


Celebrations & Traditions: Red Eggs

Did you know that red eggs symbolize good wishes for a new start in Chinese culture?  Often served to guests as part of a baby’s first birthday and first month celebrations, red eggs can be given at other important birthdays…


Fingerprint Plum Blossom Tree

SUPPLIES: Paper (you can also use a canvas board often found in craft section) Pink Paint Brown paint or brown marker Thin paintbrush Paper plate or sheet of tin foil (for dipping fingers in paint) Wipes INSTRUCTIONS: Freehand draw or…